Democratization is defined as the movement from a less democratic political regime to a more democratic type of political regime. This may include the movement from a semi authoritarian political system to a democratic political system or from an authoritarian regime to a full democracy. The outcome might be consolidated or democratization may face frequent […]

There is considerable debate about which factors ultimately limit or even affect democratization. A great many things, including history, culture, and economics have been cited as impacting on this process. Some of the more frequently mentioned factors are: Wealth. A higher gross domestic product per capita seems to correlate with democracy and it seems the […]

Development of democracies has often been a violent, slow process which has often been marked by frequent and numerous reversals. The English Civil War took place between 1642 and 1651 in Great Britain between the King and an elected Parliament. The Restoration and the Protectorate then restored a more dominating type of rule. Next, The […]


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